SLAY your Morning!

SLAY your Morning!

"Some people dream of success while other people wake up everyday and make it happen."

- Wayne Huizenga

The beginning of anything is the most critical aspect. And so it is with your day. Starting your morning off right is the key to mastering the rest of your day. And you can't wait to say, I will see how I feel today. Your day should not depend on someone else's actions or attitude. Waiting to see how your boss is in the morning or waiting on how your co-workers greet you in the morning is a sure fire way to failing to win you day. You can't always control what happens to you, but you can always control your perspective and how you act.

Here's how you set yourself up for a successful day...

#1 Wake up early. Give yourself time in the morning to set up your day. Whether it's an hour or 15 minutes. Get up earlier than you need to. This will keep you from rushing into your day hectic and disorganized. It is hard to recover from morning full of chaos.

#2 Start with gratitude. As soon as you wake up, count your blessings. Start with the small stuff and the most obvious. Be thankful for life. Be thankful for your health. Be thankful that you woke up in climate controlled home with the people you love. Start small and work your way forward. Be thankful for everything. Insane gratitude will unlock the door for insane blessings.

#3 Decide what needs to be done and do it. Pick one thing you need to do. Doesn't matter what area, doesn't matter how big or small. Pick one thing that if you got it done, you can say you won today. Make it achievable and measurable, then get it done.

#4 Dress the part. When you look good, you feel good. And the opposite of that is true. Dress yourself in a manner that says you are confident and ready for your day. Put on clothes that make you feel amazing. Pop on some mascara and an killer lippie and let's get it moving.

#5 Believe in yourself. You've addressed the outside now that's work on the inside. Decide that only for today you can accomplish anything. Just for today, you will believe in your dreams, hopes, and desires. Just for today you will walk, talk, and think as if you already have what you are working towards. Don't worry about your current circumstances if they don't line up just yet. Just for today, believe that you can achieve what you make up your mind to.

#6 Fuel your body. Now I won't get into what you need to eat or drink because that is something that you have to decide for yourself. But your body needs fuel so whatever that looks like for you, do that. For me, I drink a glass of water, I have shake and coffee because, well coffee is life, period. Coffee is my "get shit done" elixir. It just makes me focused. This is not up for debate, mmmkay! Point here, fuel your body with what will nourish you and get you off to a great start. Do what works for you and if you don't know... google.

#7 Read or listen to something positive. Begin your day with some killer motivation. Whether that's a book or a video or music. Pick your poison and get into it. You need positive reinforcement. I treat this part of my life like soap and deodorant. It doesn't just work with one application. You have to do it daily. Everyday bathe your soul in positive motivation. Listen to or read something everyday that will light you up.

You are in charge of your life. You are a co-creator with God. Whatever outcomes you are looking to achieve will only be accomplished when you start to take control of your life. And that begins with taking control of your morning. Decide that today will be a great day because you said so and acted so.

Start loving the life you have now so you can begin to live a life you love!