3 Mistakes You're Making In The Morning...

3 Mistakes You're Making In The Morning...

1 Hitting the snooze button

Your alarm clock goes off interrupting your sleep and you pound that snooze button like wack-a-mole! I get it. You think 5 more minutes will miraculously make you ready for your day. The reality is that 5 minutes of sleep is doing more damage than good. You aren't able to get a full sleep cycle so you wake up more tired than you were 5 minutes ago. As the saying goes if you snooze you lose and that is the absolute truth. Usually snoozing has nothing to do with sleep and everything to do with the fact that you don’t want to face the day. Could be a job you hate going to or a home situation you don’t want to face. Whatever it is, you can fix it. You can wake up ready to enjoy your life no matter what. Stay tuned, I have something for you that can help you!

2 Not planning the night before

Do you know what you're gonna wear or do you stare into a sea of clothes hoping something jumps out at you? Do you know what the kids will eat for breakfast or lunch or will cold pop tarts and chips do the trick? How about dinner? You were rushing because you hit that snooze button, so you forgot to thaw the chicken and now your nearest pizza delivery will be ringing the bell pretty soon. Not planning the night before is costly in more ways than one. It costs you green dollars but it also costs you time which is way more expensive. You don’t get your time back. That’s a hard reality to face but one we need to access nonetheless. Be diligent. A good morning routine begins the night before. Prep your clothes and food. Make your to do list. Go through the kids backpack and sign those papers. Check in with yourself and your family before you call it a night. You will be more prepared for the morning and their shouldn’t be any surprises.

3 Not setting an intention for the day

What do you plan to accomplish today? How do you want to feel at the end and throughout the day? Do you look up at 10 pm after the kids are asleep and think to yourself where did the time go. You feel frazzled, anxious, and regretful about all the things you didn't accomplish. I know the feeling. It sucks. You didn't decide early what you needed to get done so you were busy but not productive. I am not talking about a to do list. I am saying at your core, what would make today great. If you could feel the way you wanted to feel and do the things you wanted, what does that look like.

You can remedy all three of these things by creating a killer morning ritual. A morning ritual sets you up for success. It sets you up physically and mentally to power through your day with intention. You won't be flying out the door with the kids bookbag instead of your purse. A morning ritual with get you all the way together girlfriend.

This was actually the one thing that set me straight so many years ago when I was struggling to hold it together. I was working in a role I had grown to resent, I felt like shit most days. I was trying to be the best mom and wife I could while wondering everyday if this was life. The fact was it wasn't life that was beating me up, it was my mindset. After honing in on what worked for me, I was promoted three times in four years and tripled my income. My marriage was restored. I was more present with my kids. I hate to sound like an infomercial but it's absolutely true!

If you are looking to renew your commitment to yourself and your family then I may have something that can help.

I have created a morning ritual called EmpowerHER Morning. It's super simple but super powerful! This was one of the most instrumental things I did in order to get my shit together. It is designed to get you up, focused and commanding your day. This is not about joining the 5 am club. This is about taking the component of a brilliant morning ritual and tailoring them to work for you!

I have an e-book that gives you all the goods and it is FREE right now! Click HERE to grab your copy!

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