Kristal Burgess
Kristal Burgess


Hey girl! I’m Kristal

I teach women how to

build their confidence

get clear about what they really want

Start earning more money in their careers…

… And Finally create the life they absolutely love!

I am a wife of almost 13 years and mother of three boys, 15, 12, and 7. I spend my days as a business manager, project manager, life coach, speaker, life group leader, and content creator. I absolutely love the life that I am building for myself. Is it perfect? Hell no! But it is 100% my life and I am owning all of it.

My super power is helping women, just like you discover the power that rests inside of them. I will teach you how to own all of who you are and how to start earning the money you deserve.

You don’t have to start a business if you don’t want to, but you absolutely can. You don’t have to leave your job, but you can you if choose. I will show you how you can increase your confidence and you income without starting a business or side hustle or leaving your current job.

I've seen too many of us living lack luster lives, settling for less than we deserve. We are leaving insurmountable amounts on the table, all because we don’t have the confidence to ask for it.

It is time for us to level up! It’s time for us to earn what we want while providing massive amounts of service in our perspective fields.

In order to create a higher level of income for yourself and your family in any professional role, you must identify the level of income you desire to create and then align your... thoughts, time, energy, attention, words... toward your expected reality!

So my question is…

Are living as if you expect to earn more?

Are you moving forward or backward? (there is no standing still).

Do you have a plan to increase your income outside of the annual 1% or 2% raise?

Let me tell you something, I almost tripled my income in only four short years right at the same company. I didn't leave my company and I didn't start a side hustle. I was strategic in my approach to what I wanted and how I could add value and be compensated massively for it!

If you want to ...

Finally earn the money you know you are worth!

Finally live the life you have dreamed of!

Get rid of the shit that has been keeping you from earning bold money!

Create joy and abundance beyond your wildest dreams!

Become the super powerful DIVA you have been dreaming about!

… Then we should totally work together!


Reach out to me if you would like to coach with me one on one!

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