Kristal Burgess
Kristal Burgess


The empowerment Diva

Hey girl, hey! I am a southern diva, born and raised in South Carolina. I will share a bit about me here so you understand the lens that I look through and my perspective as a woman. I am a wife and mother of three boys. I spend my days as a business manager, project manager, life coach, speaker, life group leader, and content creator. I absolutely love the life that I am building for myself. Is it perfect? Hell no! But it is 100% my life and I am owning all of it.

My super power is helping women, just like you discover the power that rests inside of them that they may have forgotten along the way.

I've seen too many of us living lack luster lives, settling for less than we deserve.

It is time for us to shine. To walk out into the light. To awaken all the beautiful ideas that rest within.

TOGETHER, we walk hand in hand on a journey that never ends. There is no final destination.... only a beautiful journey to be enjoyed each day with twists and turns, ups and downs...

If you want to ...

Finally live the life you have dreamed of!

Get rid of the shit that has been keeping you stuck!

Create joy and abundance beyond your wildest dreams!

Become the super powerful DIVA you have been dreaming about!

… Then we should totally work together!


Reach out to me if you would like to coach with me one on one!

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